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Max™ Suspension Spray

Over time fork stanchions can become dry and less responsive. This can result in loss of travel, slow rebound, and cause the fork to feel very stiff over bumps. When this happens, a quick shot of Max™ Suspension Spray will immediately improve your fork's performance.

Made with carefully chosen polysiloxane and advanced fluoropolymers, Max™ Suspension Spray is formulated to fight stiction, condition and protect seals, o-rings, and other rubber parts. Max improves the surface slip of any stanchion, even ones that are coated!

Use Max on old forks to bring them back to life or use Max to help break in new forks and optimize their performance. As Max reduces stiction, forks run more smoothly and quietly. Small bumps are instantly absorbed and response to big hits is noticeably improved.


  • Aerosol 12oz

Lubricante de suspensión Max Spray

Aerosol 12oz PVP: S/. 30.00 (*)

(*) PVP = Precio Venta al Publico - Incluido I.G.V
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